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Fides quaerens intellectum
(Faith seeking understanding)

What is Christian Apologetics?

No, Christian apologetics doesn’t mean saying sorry that you’re a Christian.

A confusion arises because the English word apology now has a rather different meaning from the Greek word from which it was derived (apologia). Read more (1 minute).

Struggling with doubts?

Are you struggling with doubts about Christianity?

Want to talk to a scholar about it?

Please check out www.TalkAboutDoubts.com where you can chat 1-on-1 about your doubts with many top Christian scholars.

Website resources

Please check out our website resources. It is minimal at this stage, with more coming soon.

  • Article on Science and Faith
  • Article on What is Christian Apologetics?
  • PDF journals on James Veitch and John Shelby Spong
  • About us | Statement of Belief | and Contact information

New Zealand Christian Apologetics websites

There are Christian apologetics groups all over New Zealand.

We recommend the following websites:

The sites below can be found on the Thinking Matters Groups page.

  • Reasons for Faith (Auckland)
  • The Forge (Auckland)
  • The Forge (Tauranga)
  • Reasons for Faith (Hamilton)
  • Mining for Truth (Hamilton)
  • The Forge (Christhurch)
  • The Forge (Dunedin)

If your group is missing, please let us know and we will update our website.

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