About the society

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The Society was incorporated in 1991. It is a group of Christians with an interest in apologetics. We join together with these aims:

  • To help others to faith in Christ, His death for their sins, His burial, and His resurrection (1Cor.15:1-4).
  • To help educate Christians in the theory and practice of apologetics.
  • To foster fellowship and support of Christians interested in apologetics.
  • To run regular discussions, meetings, workshops, etc.
  • To help explain and defend Christianity, including the doctrines in the Statement of Belief, through public meetings, debates, media promotions, etc.
  • To produce a regular journal for members, Apologia, to cover aspects of apologetics, and to stimulate thought, discussion and apologetic action.
  • To promote and help sponsor visits by leading Christian apologists to Wellington and other parts of New Zealand.
  • To work with other like-minded groups in New Zealand.
  • Feedback: apologianz AT gmail DOT com
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